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Essentials of Ecosystem Valuation

Essentials of Ecosystem Valuation provides a non-technical overview of the economic theory of benefit estimation, and an overview of valuation methods and practical considerations for applying them. Other sections of the website will assume that the reader understands the concepts discussed in this section.

Section Contents 
1 Basic Concepts of Economic Value
Explains the basic economic theory and concepts of economic valuation.
2 Valuation of Ecosystem Services
Explains some important definitions and concepts related to how economists approach ecosystem valuation.
3 Overview of Methods to Estimate Dollar Values
A brief overview of the dollar-based valuation methods that are described in detail in Dollar-Based Ecosystem Valuation Methods. 
4 Applying Ecosystem Value Estimates - Benefit-Cost Analysis
Describes how ecosystem values are applied for decision-making using benefit-cost analysis.
 For those readers who want to explore these concepts in more detail, here are a few references.